Fridays and Sundays are Youth nights at Harbour. We meet every Friday at 7pm for either a Youth Social or Youth Night. Then Join us on Sunday evening at 6pm for The Six.



One of our core values is that we don’t want to take life too seriously so we make time twice a month to get all the Youth together and be a little childish. Sometimes that looks like a giant nerf war throughout the church, other times we may go on a ride out on our boards and bikes, but the main reason we do this is because we want to build community and create an environment for our Youth to bring their mates.



Youth Nights are twice a month and are a space for us to grow spiritually and as a community. On a Youth Night we worship together, have some teaching, an opportunity for prayer and we also have lots of social time where we eat free Pret, catch up with each other and enjoy the odd sugar rush. It’s a place to fuel up spiritually.



The Six is our informal evening service and the one most of the Youth are involved in. We have The Six up in The Attic at Harbour Church (3rd Floor) and the doors open at 6pm sharp. Every week we have a café before the service (6 – 6:30) serving homemade baked goods, delicious micro brewed Brazilian coffee and more. After the service we open ‘The Har-Bar’ that serves a selection of canned soft drinks available free of charge. The vision of The Six is to bring people who are far from God closer to him, and we do that through excellence, worship and community which is why we create lots of social time.