"National statistics suggest up to 60% of those released from prison will re-offend within one year. For those who are involved in a mentoring program like CFEO, the number reduces to as little as 17%."


The Prison Ministry has a simple vision to see the men and women in prison know they are loved, they can have hope and that there is freedom in Jesus.



For those in prison to know they are L O V E D & that they are known by a heavenly father that has grace enough to cover them and that they are not forgotten by society.



For every prisoner to know that they can find F R E E D O M in the good news of Jesus. That they can be free from their burdens, the things holding them down and their past.



Prison is tough, but we believe that there is H O P E for those inside prison walls. That they can find a new life and live free from crime with a bright future, no matter what the past.



We LOVE doing our chapel services at HMP Ford. It’s a chance for us to worship God together with the men in the prison, build relationships and create an atmosphere of joy and light in a place that is so often dark.

We go into HMP Ford 4 times a year for services, providing worship, a short and relatable talk and a time for getting to know the men.




We are a church committed to providing opportunities for men and women to learn more about Jesus and their purpose. We believe that Alpha and Bible Track are the first steps in people growing in their faith. Prison Alpha runs in 800 prisons all over the world, and we want to play a part of that!




Coming out of prison is scary and sometimes lonely. Church can be a place where people find community, acceptance and friendship. We want that to stretch to everyone. By signing up to join the Prison Ministry, we hope you’ll be part of an ex-offenders resettlement journey.

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